Monday, June 27, 2011

Coffee is my friend

It's true, I have this love of all things coffee. Be it in hot liquid form, ice cream or in Tiramisu...I adore coffee. So it was a sad day when I broke the carafe to my La Cafetiere French coffee press. We've looked high and low for a replacement carafe out here and all we could find was Bodum brand coffee presses. So my new french press is the Chambord by Bodum. One of these days I may break down and buy a coffee maker but until then it's me and my French Press!


Sharon said...

Glad you found a new press. It's sad when a tried and true can't be replaced. I had a Starbucks French Press and the plunger broke. They couldn't replace it. I've heard good things about Bodum and might have to give them a try after you've used yours for a while and report about the durability.

Terri said...

Wish I liked coffee. It truly seems like a lifestyle :) but I am a tea drinker! How is your workouts going? I went out one time! :) and that was good.. It was just a week ago. I think I need to walk/run more often! lol

Sandie said...

workouts are going well, I go 5 days a week for at least 2 hours each time. I drink coffee in the am (2 large mugs with half and half) and tea in various forms for the rest of the day. Snapple being my favorite form of tea in the summer months :-)