Saturday, January 31, 2009

more on my fabric/rope baskets

here are some pictures of my completed yellow fabric basket. I made it with fabric that I've had hanging around for quite some time. This is a close up of the middle of the basket. Can you tell what the print is?

This is very large basket, it takes 100 feet of rope to make a basket this large.

Side view- this is machine washable on delicate but you will want to let it dry naturally since everything is 100% cotton.

I also made a blue oval basket and here you see Wilson my Travel Pig and some of his friends hanging out in the basket.
The book is called It's a Wrap by Susan Brier here's a link to it over at Amazon

My paper crafty pals

Here we are...the 4 of us Sarah (in red), Donna (in purple) Ellen in the beige and Sandie (that's me in the striped sweater). we are in Peggy's basement making 20 birthday cards, oh the fun we had too!

Ellen (pictured here) is super talented. She pays great attention to detail and makes beautiful cards!

Here you see Peggy (she's wearing the blue denim vest). The creativity that this woman brings to crafting is ubelieveable!

here's Sarah, deep int crafty thought :-)
Donna is a blast! She makes me smile...ask her how she got that cat of hers, that story will have you on the floor laughing!

This inky hand belongs to Peggy. She got this way beause of me (sorry Peg). You see, I tweaked out a Stampin Up ink pad and I somehow managed to get it off of it's tracks and well Peggy became inky because of it.
This is Ellen, she is such a gem!

Pictures of Sandie's Polish Pottery collection

Here's the pictures I promised...these are the canisters I recently purchased at my local TJ Maxx store, oh what I sweet deal they were too!

My Mother-in-law got me started with the sugar bowl and now look...I've been able to find a creamer, and 2 other bowls and a water pitcher in the same pattern. Picture of water pitcher is somewhere in this photo line up.

My Americana apple container- just too sweet!

This was a "different" looking pattern not what I'd call one of the usual traditional patterns.

This was just too darn cute to pass the polka dots!

I got this little gem of a bowl at our base Thrift Shop (a 2nd hand store) for the bargain price of $5.00- WOW! I adore daisies and this pattern is simply adorable!

I bought this to bake brownies in- the blue and green pattern goes with everything!

This platter was a gift from my friend Susan- she bought it in on one of her marathon pottery buying trips in Poland and sent it to me :-)

Another pottery item from Susan... as Susan says-one can never have enough red white and blue!

The divided bowls came from a surprising mother-in-law. She saw them at a shop in MA and realized what a deal they were (under $5.00 each) and thought that I "needed" them. Now about the Canada maple Leaf pattern, I've never seen or even heard of that pattern done in Polish Pottery-ever, until now.
Another gift from Susan from Poland. I'd send her scrapbooking supplies on a regular basis and she;s send me cool pottery pieces. I thought that was a terrific trade off and so did she! I use this baking dish all of the time!

I love the odd and unusual and Peacock feathers is pretty unusual! This teapot is in my collection courtesy of my Mom:-)

Here's that water pitcher I was talking about earlier....I love the shape! It's shape reminds me of water and wine pitchers that were used in ancient times.
This pair of huge crocks/pots was another one of my Thrift Shop buys. I'm always using them for different things. Some times I use them for untensil crocks in the kitchen and other times in the bathroom for holding bath scrubbies, bottles of shower gel and bubble bath. And yes, I've also had plants in them too!
I bought this for myself from a little gift shop when we first moved to this area.
Susan sent me this multi colored cup and looks fantastic with my Fiesta-ware pottery!
a view of on top of one of my kitchen cabinets
The Blueberry plate is NOT Polish Pottery, it's actually a limited pottery line that was handmade in Maine. I bought that plate over 10 years ago when I was on vacation. I just thought that it blended in well with the Polish Pottery :-)
The Egg plate- this is the piece that had me falling in love with the flower motif

One year our base exchange sold holiday themed Polish Pottery. It was so seriously over priced that this stuff didn't move (sell) until the BX had it marked 75% off- and even then it took a while for it to sell.
The Cheese Lady- oh my gosh this was such a fantastic find! Again another item that I bought at our base Thrift Shop...this is one of my most prized pieces! She is just too darn CUTE!
This pair of Candle Sticks was also purchased at the Base Thrift Shop. how someone could part with these pieces was beyond me but I sure was glad that they did!

This platter was another one of my great buys at TJ it for a whopping $10- what a steal!

A little espresso cup from my m-i-l and a trinket box from my friend Susan.