Thursday, February 03, 2011

What is love?

It's a question that has been asked for as long as man had knowledge of what it was to feel emotions. It's something that springs up from the very depth of your being, it can overtake your rationalization and turn it upside down. It starts so simply and innocently with a fluttering of ones heart. It's the allover warm feeling you get when you see that special someone or hear his or her voice. Or sometimes it comes on so slowly you don't even realize how deep into it you are until you up to your knees.

For me, love is to give of myself freely,without strings attached nor to expect anything in return. It's knowing that I've been able to share something that I hold dear with another human being (or my cat). It's kindness, warmth and understanding all wrapped up in something as simple as a hug. Love is an ever growing thing that is always present. One only needs friends to make it grow and blossom into something truly beautiful.

By being here in England I've been able to have that love grow and bloom into a myriad of flowers which I call my friends. It will be hard to leave here with so many wonderful friends still here. But with that said,my doors will always be open to those that come my way, not to mention I hope that they all come by for a visit when they come back to the USA.

Remember...the road to a friends house is never long.

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