Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Moving Day

It's day 2 of part 3 of this crazy move...the final part. Am I ready for it? Yes and No. I'm sad to be leaving so many wonderful friends here in England, but I'm also ready to get on to living this next part of my life called retirement. Sure it's retirement from the Air Force for my husband but it's also retirement for me as in all of that volunteering that I do.

Just a couple more days until the retirement ceremony, then we have the weekend here with my husband's family (some are flying out for the ceremony).
w leave this aea on Monday, fly back to the USA on Tuesday. I'm sad that my friend Renee wasn't able to make it out here, I think that she would have really enjoyed England. HOWEVER...that does not mean that she and I could not come out here together for a vaction in the future! I'm all over that idea! Heck, i Hannah and I can plan a trip to Paris and fly out from Boston, then why can't Renee and I plan a rip to England? Anything is possible and nothing is written in stone. The future holds so many possibilities! Many advntures are waiting right around the corner :-D

I'm drinking my last cups of coffee made by this coffee maker as it's about to move to a new home this afternoon. Oh to many sad toughts,I need to get happy thoughts going on in my head!

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