Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh the things I do in my spare time...

I'm leading a very boring life these days... wake up at 5 am, get daughter off to school, go to the gym, tidy the apartment blah blah blah. So to stay sane I read. I read a lot these days (I mean a lot a lot) . My Kindle is my new BFF. There are sites like Kindle Nation Daily and Pixel of Ink where you can see the latest great deals on e-books and even pick up some great freebies to read! Get this- there are even some FREE cookbooks to be had for your Kindle! I've found a lot of "new to me" authors and have discovered that there are types of books that I like to read other than murder mysteries or Jane Austen spin off novels. I've been reading a great deal about cowboys of late and before I knew it, I was hooked. Strange but true, I find them rather fascinating. And after consuming the entire Twilight Series of novels in a matter of less than a week, I'm completely hooked on vampires and werewolves. Of course I still enjoy historical romances- if that's your thing I recommend Georgette Heyer, her work is awesome! It's not the modern kind of romance novel that has the characters having mad crazy sex all over the place stuff- it's historical stuff that gets into the theme of the period the romance is from.

If I'm not reading, then I'm working on a needlework project. The one I'm currently working on is a reproduction sampler. Nothing uber fancy, just something nice to occupy my time.

Still no word on our household goods - no idea if they're here in country or not. I'm not trying to say that I've got higher standards than others, I'm just growing rather rather tired of us dining on a card table is all. Okay that and sleeping on the floor on an air mattress is not the way to get a restful nights sleep. Okay, I'll say it- I miss my stuff. Now for me to work some more on my needlework project before I die from complete and total boredom, retirement is begining to be rather boring.


Sheilagh said...

I cannot believe the two years have past so quickly. I am glad you enjoyed your time in England, I have enjoyed following your adventures.

I wish you a very happy retirement and look forward to following your journey into the next exciting stages in your families life.



Mrs. T said...

Hi Sandi,
I just finished planning and before I sneak into bed I thought I'd stop by. This last post if from March so I'm hoping you have your household items by now. I am also excited to see you are going to the gym!!! You just might inspire me :) Thinking of you...Terri