Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hard work and Perseverance

Hard work and perseverance really does pay off!

 I had this vision of what I wanted for our en-suite bathroom. I wanted to incorporate feelings of relaxation in the space, yet have a fun and energetic vibe happening at the same time. Finding the right color for the walls to make the space feel large and open. The previous owners had a dark dusty purple color on the walls and dark brown (the oiled bronze look) bathroom fixtures which soaked up all of the light and made the room feel small and drab. Sometimes people have an idea of what they want for a space but don't know how to make it all come together. Whatever the previous owners were trying to do (and I'm not condemning them), it looked more haphazard and thrown together. I know that I see things differently, that I can look at a room and be able to transform the entire space in my mind; Changing it all together into something new and completely different as if I was waving a magic wand. Being able to pull colors, textures and patterns together out of the air is something that most people have great difficulty accomplishing and they usually end up throwing in the proverbial towel. Now for me, it's been something I can just "do". I've always felt a little frustrated that others can't see what I see, until I learned that most people are blind to change. But I digress...

Our en-suite bathroom is now being transformed into a tropical paradise.My inspiration comes from a trip we took to Hawaii a few years ago. The experience left me with ideas for a future project.  I wanted a room full of energy yet one that gives you that take your shoes off and stay a while feel. I'll take you through the process with a photo spread detailing what was done once I finish my sewing and take pictures of the "almost" finished space. I'm still deciding on some artwork (actually I have it all in my mind what I want- you all know how that goes). I'm on the lookout for a cabinet to go above the toilet for storage space. What I like about the master bathroom is that the toilet is in a separate little room with a door. Now we'll be closing off the bathroom adding a small wall and doors. Currently it's a open space concept bathroom minus the little room for the toilet. We're going to be working on that very soon- look for pictures and even patterns in the very near future!     

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