Saturday, September 22, 2012

My" To Do" list

We all have them, you know- the never ending "to do" list here's mine...
  1. Do the actual quilting on those pieced table runners. Currently I need to quilt 10 table runners-ugh!
  2. quilt those darn lap quilts! I'm up to what 5? Sheesh!
  3. Clean up that guest room! I've got quilting stuff spread out all over the place in there!
  4. Laundry...need I say more?
  5. Clean upstairs bathrooms (it never ends)
  6. Finish putting pictures on digital picture frame and send it to my mom.
  7. list stuff for sale on E-bay (I gave up on Craigslist)
  8. Haul Hibiscus Tree upstairs
  9. Sand large square coffee table, paint and seal it!
  10.  Hang up quilted Flag wall hanging
  11. Hang up quilted nature scene wall hanging in family room
  12. Hang up framed map in eat in kitchen area.
  13. Wash my bicycle ( I enjoy riding through puddles and it shows)
  14. Dust and mop upstairs hallway
  15. Figure out this weeks dinner menu
  16. Put paper on back of Hannah's book shelf
  17. Rearrange guest bedroom
  18. Make list of items to be donated
  19. Take donations to Hudson
  20. Go Grocery shopping (does this ever really end?)
  21. Write to my sister and to my mother
Now for me to get on with getting this stuff OFF of my "to-do" list.

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