Sunday, January 06, 2013

Creativity for the New Year

Believe it or not, I've been very active in the creativity department (it's just that I've not been posting). I feel bad about not doing any paper crafting- then again ALL of my paper crafting stuff is still packed away in cardboard boxes since something that feel like for forever. All I can be creative with these days is either fabric or food. Since I made a fabulous Chocolate Mousse Cake for New Years Eve (I still need to get over to the food blog and post about that) I've just finished another quilt top and today I finished up a quick and easy project- a tote bag! I'm using my daughter as my model. The bag is made from two 1 yard piece of fabric cut to 35 inches square. The pattern can be found in the 2012 winter edition of Quilts and More magazine. The fabric used here was chosen by my daughter and if I do say so myself it's very Laura Ashely looking (living in Great British has been a good influence on her tastes). I love the liner fabric as well- very charming indeed!

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