Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding your path to productive creativity

When I'm inspired to create something it just flows through me like an electric current. From the start to the finish it's like I'm obsessed, no joke! The whole project can take on a life of it's own and my family will be left to starve and go naked because I can do nothing but work on my project until it's completed. Lucky for my family that I'm not obsessed with my current quilting project. I think that it's because of 3 things;
  1.  I've made a quilt with this pattern before, so no new challenge.
  2. It's a Christmas Themed Quilt, so I feel in no rush to complete it.
  3. And I've been sick off and on through this project and I feel as if that has knocked me off of my game. 
But the last couple of days has got me feeling inspired to work on it again. Not to mention the fact that I've got some NEW quilt ideas bouncing around in my noggin. Today, as I'm having my morning coffee, I'm suddenly intrigued by the design of my quilted table runner. The more I look at it, the more I wonder if I could adapt it to make a quilt top. Well it's time for me to brush off my math skills and get to work. Usually I put my two math maniacs to work on such a project (I like to have my family feel loved and needed) but today I think that I can tackle this on my own. Actually there are 2 different table runners that I want to adapt into quilt tops, yes I'm feeling rather ambitious today. I've got the PERFECT fabric for one of these ideas! Funny thing is, when I saw this "perfect fabric" I knew that it would be awesome to work with and the colors are so bold and striking that I HAD to have some of it! Good thing I bought 2½ yards of it!

I know that I had said that I want to take classes, any kind of classes, well I think that I found what I want to do... it's to take classes at my local quilt shop. No it's not a "quilting" class per say but a class on learning how to use the large quilting machine and to become certified to use it. How cool is that? These machines are very expensive and becoming certified to use one can save me hundreds of dollars on having my quilts "professionally" quilted by someone else and that can incorporate into thousands versus buying the machine.

Alright I've got to dust off my calculater and get out a pencil, note book and my tape measure, I've got to get some design work going on!

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