Monday, April 18, 2011

finding pieces of me

Moving is rough, living in 3 different places in one year (again) will be insanity in it's best element. So here I am, contemplating my next move (so to speak). After over 7 weeks without our household goods- they have finally arrived. Being reunited with my bed has done wonders for my happiness and attitude. Not that I didn't like my reminiscing of my college days- using a card table as a dining table, and sitting upon borrowed furniture etc...I'm glad to once again to be surrounded by our things (or at least some of them).

Alas, I've got 3, no it's 4 (now) storage shipments around the USA housing my kitchen, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and yard items. Once we find a house and all...then I'll get all of our things in storage delivered to us. For now it's apartment living and all of the joys that brings (at least we don't have to do yard work).

So as I go through boxes of stuff I'm finding little pieces of myself. I now have a sewing machine, a paper cutter, some paper, 2 sided sticky tape, loads of thread and of course quilt patterns and fabric! Granted I am once again in a country that has reasonable prices for 100% cotton quilting fabric. Not too far from where I'm living now I saw a quilt shop- one that I'd like to go visit.

I've come across my collection of Jane Austen novels plus all of the hardbound Pride and Prejudice spin off novels that I have started collecting since moving to England. I've been adding to my collection since moving back to the USA- Kindle is a wonderful thing. My Kindle has been my companion as I take it everywhere with me. LOVE that 3G network thing it's got too! I can read books, surf the web for free...what's not to like?

I'm still surrounded in cardboard and packing paper but am making major headway with help from my husband and daughter.

I'm surveying my options for employment- I know where I want to work, now for them to have an opening for my to apply for. But for now there are plenty of fun little part time jobs to be had. Places that would be fun for me would be...shoe store, cooking store, clothing store or even a jewelery store. Then again I'd leave for the day owing more money than I had maybe those wouldn't be good options right? OOh but the rewards would be sweet!

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Sharon said...

Glad to hear that you're finding some of your familiar and comfortable things while unpacking! I soooo don't miss those days of constant moving, packing unpacking packing unpacking... makes a person want to just leave everything in boxes... oh wait... I've lived here over five years now and there's still things in boxes! I guess storage in the basement doesn't count, right? lol! Anyway, I hope you find a job that's a good fit and that won't bankrupt you.

Take care and don't get lost in the boxes!