Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Shape of things...

Slow but sure we're making our way through our cardboard jungle. We've never been one of those quick to unpack and put away everything people. We're methodical and we go through every single box, making sure that things are put away or hung up the way we want them to be. I have to say that this time is yet again one of those challenging moves as this place is smaller that we had anticipated and we've got to weed though and downsize yet again. Of course this means re-packing boxes and getting a storage unit. Thank the Lord that the master bedroom is done (well much of it is anyway). We've begun to hang pictures on the walls- that's a sing that we're nearing the end of unpacking. My wonderfully creative and crafty husband has put up some shelves in the lower cabinets to utilize the wasted space there (of which I am very appreciative).

My donate Box has spilled over and now I've got more than one. It's funny how one can purge so much before a move and then after you arrive at your destination you can purge some more. I'm ready to get creative and to start working on some crafty type projects. First victim will be Hannah...OH did I say victim? I meant recipient ;-) I want to work on a lap quilt, I've got the perfect pattern in mind and I'm anxious to find it and get working on it for her.

Now I'm off...I could use a little more coffee and then to get to work on putting more stuff away in my craft room/ guest room.

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Yellow Pineapple said... is way to late. But I was thinking of you and wanted to 'read' up on your latest adventures. You need to update your blog if you get time....
Big hugs and hope you had a good Mums Day!
Love T