Monday, August 01, 2011

Doing something girly and fun

As you know I've been missing being creative.  And it took my daughter to make me realize that I AM being creative, just not in my usual sense of the word.

So here's my latest endeavour into my creative side...manicures and pedicures. I have a little secret, not only can I cook, sew, do needlework, garden and design things I can also do hair and nails. So get it over with and hate me now.

How far does this talent stretch? My best kept secrets are... I can do acrylic nails- as in apply them to other peoples fingers, do fill in repairs and such. There's also that eyebrow waxing/shaping thing- but then again that's something anyone can do (or at least I think it is). I've been doing this stuff for over 30 years without ever giving it a second thought that most people can't do it. My daughter and my closest friends all tell me that the things I do are not things that most people can do. Or that people can do some of these things but not "all" of them. It's got me thinking about myself and how my brain tries to keep my hands occupied. These so called "talents"  are things that I like sharing with others. If my friend Alisha were here she'd let me "do her up". I never thought about doing/sharing these things/talents with my girlfriends while we lived in England. I only did them for myself and for my daughter. I thought that it would make me look like I was one of those "Martha types" and I didn't want that label, hell no! So here I am rockin' the latest in manicures and having a blast doing it all while knowing that I did it myself.

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