Friday, March 02, 2012

Crocs with Socks

For as long as I can remember my Mom can make me see myself in a way that no one else can. She can make me frustrated, annoyed, cranky and sad, but most of all she can have me laughing and seeing the silly side of things.
Oh my word I laughed so darn hard I almost peed myself, twice!
We talked about bedding...this is something I'm a stickler about. You see, I like solid colored sheets, in colors that compliment the quilt or comforter on the bed versus ones that fight for visual attention with the bed covering. All my life my mom has been obsessed with patterned sheets. There were at least 15 different sets of printed sheets for our beds! From those wildly colored floral prints to one set with what I thought of as an insane geometric pattern to those crazy Asian inspired bird sheets right down to Christmas themed sheets. Believe it or not, that sort of thing drove me crazy as a kid. My mom and I had a good laugh about the time I begged her for solid colored sheets. Apparently normal kids don't ask for sheets for Christmas or birthdays (who knew?).

She had me laughing about life's little things...when she would be so thick into a sewing project that she would "forget" to make dinner for us. Oh yeah we called it "fend for yourself night". If she was into a sewing project, we'd be going hungry. My family has a similar thing going on when I'm into a crafting project, they call it "cheese and cracker night".

  My mom had me seeing how we are the same but also very different.  She made me laugh with my obsession with dishes. Growing up, I remember my Mom and her love of all things Corelle. I remember how she would buy a new set of Corelle dishes and just add it to her existing set. There must be 30 or more Corelle dinner plates of various patterns stacked in her kitchen cabinet! We laughed pretty hard at that. She poked fun at me and my huge dislike using paper plates. I can't help it if I'm a little odd. We all have our hang ups and mine is disposable dinnerware. I did tell her that I used disposable stuff when we had the house warming party (it was plastic and I was able to recycle it all, which makes me feel better about the stuff).

There are so many things we laughed at, for example- how I wear Crocs with socks and how she wears socks with sandals. 

Silly is as silly does.

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