Friday, March 02, 2012

The time to purge is now!

What do you do when you have lots of stuff that you keep for sentimental reasons but don't use? For me, I keep it all packed up in boxes. Today I'm going through those boxes and am making myself part with those items.

I have openly admitted that I am a dish hound, well I've got a few boxes of dishes to go through and weed out. Who am I kidding, it's A LOT of boxes! I've decided that it's just plain nuts for me to keep dinnerware that we don't use. I thought about saving it for my kids...what a joke! I can wish as much as I like that they could appreciate quality made in the USA dinnerware but it still isn't going to happen (insert small chuckle here). 

At the same time, it's also insane for me to keep dishes that I never liked, even if they were a wedding gift. This is a different set than the ones I was just talking about. Now it's been over 20 years and we've been dragging this stuff from assignment to assignment and state to state. At times it was in permanent storage (one of those out of sight out of mind sort of deals). Well the time to purge them is now. Seriously, why am I keep something that's been stored in cardboard boxes for years? I should not feel guilty for wanting to get rid of something that I don't ever use- but yet I do. Is it because it was a wedding gift? I need to move past that. I just need to get rid of it all right now, kind of like tearing off a band-aid off in one swift yank! 

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