Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm a scrapbooker, a quilter, a foodie/gourmet cook, a gardener and now I'm a self proclaimed up-cycle queen! 

 I am all about giving item a new look with a little paint and maybe a few alterations to their original design. Take our master bathroom- we're giving it a fresh new look. I bought some spray paint and we went to town! The original color of the hardware and light fixtures was a dark brown almost black and we switched it up to silver with a hammered texture. The dirty purple walls are now a lovely serene aqua reminiscent of tropical ocean waters. I decided to go with a Hawaiian theme as I have fond memories of us spending our 15th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. By using exotic tropical flowers such as orchids (real ones) along the wall by the jetted bath tub, I've managed to give the room the  feel of a tropical garden. I purchased fabric from a quilt shop in Hawaii for making window treatments and basket liners. The floral print is an authentic Hawaiian print, one that's full of Orchid, Plumeria, Hibiscus and Antherium blossoms as well as a few varieties of green leaves. I hope to find a large leafy plant for the bathroom to round out the tropical garden feel.

While I was out scouting around in my favorite consignment shop, I found some great things to work with...there was this small half round table that I HAD to have! With a little bit of sanding and a fresh coat of paint and it'll be perfect for our half bath! I'm very much into Pinterest- if you haven't joined yet, then you must! I'm always finding things I like, things that inspire me and things that I want to make or recreate for our home. Another one of today's great finds was a wicker picnic basket- I am going to gut it and make it into a Pet Bed for my spoiled cat. I'll make a fabric liner with Velcro tabs so it can be easily removed for washing.  
Now to look at some fabric for my kitty's new bed.

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