Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling the spirit of Christmas

There are so many nice little things to do for people during this time of year. I feel like an Elf when I go around with a bag full of my hand made treats, delivering them to unsuspecting souls.

Wednesday took us 100 miles away from here, to another US military installation (where our daughter has her orthodontics done). I brought my little hand made New York cheesecakes in for the Orthodontist and all of his staff. One Airmen got teary eyed and told me that it was the nicest thing any one had done for them (she almost got me crying).

Thursday I brought in a pan of my Fudge Brownies for my husbands office staff, When I left, all eyes were focused on those brownies :-) I'm sure that this morning that there's nothing but crumbs in place where those brownies were yesterday.

Now that brings me to today- Friday. I've got to get back to work on those quilted Christmas Stockings. I cut out fabrics for 9 stockings, cut out backing fabric for them all and now to cut out lining fabric, then the quilt batting and then the fabric for the top cuff. That's a lot of fabric to be cutting out, then I get the pleasure of sewing them all. Oh I must be insane to take on a task like this!

I need to power up with some more coffee before I go back Elf's work is never done!

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