Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm down but I'm not out

I know that I've not written since Friday but I've had a valid excuse (really I do). Here's my story...My husband and I went to the Comm Squadron Christmas party Friday Night. During the party there was a game of Scavenger hunt long story short I was the one to play from our table. IN the end it turned into Combat Scavenger Hunt and I was injured. Someone pulled the chair out from behind me as I was going to sit down- my head hit the stage, and my arms hit the floor. Long story short after seeing the doctor he was concerned about my ouches and sent me to be x-rayed. After being x-ray and thoroughly examined I do not have broken bones (thank the Lord) but do have torn muscles in my neck, and deep tissue damage to my right hand and torn tendons and deep tissue damage on my left hand and am wearing a brace (again). I'm on some serious muscle relaxers and when I take them, I am out for at least 8 solid hours. Now for the funny part, I might have broken my favorite wrist watch but at least I did win the game and got the goody basket- which consisted of spa bath goodies and a gift certificate to our local "spa" lady. Nice huh? Too bad that I can't have anyone touching me right now so no hour long Swedish back massage for me, I'll turn it into the ultimate pedicure instead, LOL! My feet are the only things that don't hurt right now.

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