Friday, December 24, 2010

Read anything good lately?

I've joked about this for quite some my kids would not let me read the Twilight Series of books. Well I've asked my daughter about the movies and she said that she watched the first one with her girlfriends back in South Dakota and that it sucked. I asked her what sucked about it- the more she hemmed and hawed about it I knew that it had more to do with her friends attitudes towards the male actors than anything else. So, while she was still in school I happened to watch the first movie- Twilight and LOVED it!
As it is, in a 2 week time span I've managed to read all 4 books in the Twilight Series and have seen the first 3 movies. The last time I read books so fast was when I was reading, well lets just say that I'm all over these books as I was with J.K. Rowling and her series of Harry Potter books! These novels are a terrific read, the author knew how to keep her readers hooked and how to draw new ones in! Thank you Stephanie Meyer for keeping me entertained over the 2010 Christmas Holiday school break!

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