Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm still an Elf!

So I'm recovering from my injuries, it doesn't mean that I'm just hanging out sleeping all of the time (just most of it). I've managed to get out (to my doctors office) and deliver little cheesecakes The Airman that greets and checks you into the Med Clinic when you arrive, the poor soul who answers the phone when we make our appointments, the person who gets nothing but grief and gripes from us our Tri-Care Rep and the Doctor that sees us when we are in pain or puking our guts out. These are people who never to get see us at our best. I stand up and applaud every last one of them! I hope that they know how much they are appreciated by me and my family.

Now for the other part- I'm sewing and quilting our NEW Christmas stockings. With help from Hannah Elf I've been making some progress. I tried to load some pictures here buy alas my SD reader decided to be on the fritz! SO I will attempt to do this again later.

Now I'm off to get back to working in my Elves Workshop to finish the stockings before my son arrives tomorrow night.

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