Thursday, November 17, 2011

Future Space for my all new Scrapbook Nook and Quilting Corner

Here it is, the basement of our new to us home. It's totally unfinished- talk about a dream come true! Now what to do with my blank canvas. I thought about how I would do the heating in here. Sure I can tap into the duct work BUT what I want to do is to have radiant heat put in underneath of the flooring. Ceramic tile is my choice for flooring. For me, it's all about the ease of clean up. Lets face it, crafting of any kind can be rather messy at times. I have a central vacuum system and I plan on using it quite a bit! So

Do you see this area here in the corner? That stuff in the floor in the corner- that's where I'll be putting my bathroom. Yes a real honest to goodness bathroom. Now I won't be putting in a bathtub or anything crazy even though it is plumbed for installing one. I want one of those washtub sinks- to make it easy to clean paint brushes and well having another toilet in any house doesn't hurt either ;-)

This small corner over here by the electrical box I'm willing to rent out to my long as he continues to build me stuff ;-)

Going up?

Space under the stairs will be for our luggage and storing of winter/summer clothing.

Here where you see the bikes is where I plan on having my new Scrapbook Nook and on the other side will be my quilting corner. I've got plans all dran up in my head- I know what kinds of furniture I will be putting in but it'll have to wait until other stuff is done- electrial, and plumbing comes first of course, the the walls and flooring.
This is going to be one heck of a winter project building my crafting space...Bring it On!

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