Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What a weird feeling

This thing the "forever home" things, it's got me doing things I've only ever dreamed of. The #1 thing I've done for years and now am happy to do but feel weird doing it is...tossing out all of the boxes to things that I've kept for "the next move". Boxes to little things like my special to me items such as my Willow Tree Angels. Those huge boxes we all drag around with us from assignment to assignment like those for our TVs and other little and not so little boxes are all going to the recycle bin! Its a strange feeling but a good one at the same time!

Each day I find myself going through my mental list of things I want to accomplish. I've got to take those curtain rods down in the master bedroom, I've got to get that bed skirt on our bed, I need to put away that box full of books...I'm getting closer to getting our bedroom organized. Take each room and make it my own- that's the goal!

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Sharon said...

I know exactly what you mean about being able to finally let go of all those boxes! After 20 moves in 10 years it just seemed normal to save EVERY box for that next move. Congratulations on all your progress!