Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm an over achiever

Well at least I admit what I am. It's hard to not want to get this house set up as soon as possible. I've waited so long for this "forever home" that I want to enjoy it as soon as possible. Granted, we've not gotten as far as getting the walls painted (yet) but we have our new curtain rods up! I'm about to hang the sheers in the family room (thanks honey for buying them for me yesterday). I'm waiting on my latest order from Amazon (you can get just about anything from them) the  gauzy weave type-Waverly© sheers for the formal living room and I'm in the process of ironing all 6 drape panels for the living room (what a chore). But it's a chore that will end up giving me great satisfaction in the end. I'm enjoying piecing together all of the rooms, giving them each a different look and feel.

I'm almost ready to take pictures and then of course I'll post them :-)

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