Monday, January 09, 2012

Getting involved locally

I am who I am- creative, dedicated, hard working and so much more. So here I am this afternoon having just come back from my first meeting with a new to me social group in my little neck of the woods. It was fun. Am I the youngest woman in this group? Probably. But this is my first big group social interaction with civilian spouses- that right there is a HUGE change for me. They do a lot of community service work and fund raisers for college scholarships. There's some smaller committees for various sub groups- looks to be like it could be a lot of fun. So I joined!

I'm also getting myself back into being creative. I've got projects that I want to finish, heck I've got projects that I want to start. But until I start on new projects I want to finish up a few little things here and there around the house. First off is getting the rest of the Christmas decorations wrapped up and put away-ugh! It's down to a few little things that need to go into boxes but it's just dragging on. That's why I'm getting rid of at least half of our Christmas ornaments. I plan on boxing up the kids special to them ornaments and labeling each box with thier name on it and giving to to them for their first Christmas away from home. Well with our son being in college and all , well that does pose a small problem. So maybe I'll wait until he's married.

I bought a couple of new counted cross stitching projects- cute stuff abounds here at my house! Well I've got to wait for the one of the charts to arrive in the mail but it's gonna be adorable once it's finished! I'm all about instant gratification and this dish towel project will fit the bill! The other is a two toned counted cross stitching project that is a little more intricate but will look nice framed and hanging on a wall.

Time for me to change from this dress and high heels to clothing more appropriate to schlepping around cardboard boxes to the recycle bin and then working some more in the basement getting Christmas decorations stored away fro another 11 months.

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