Tuesday, January 31, 2012

more thoughts for my new Scrapbook Nook

I made the decision that I want all of my paper crafting cabinets and drawer units to be "white". I like the white and chrome look as it gives me free rein to other aspects of the room. The sewing and quilting stations will be a warm wood. That way there will be an obvious separation of spaces and crafting components. At first I had wanted a tile floor, I know what I like but then the more I started thinking about the flooring the more I've decided to go with wood flooring. I just don't want to deal with the grout lines. You'll laugh at my reasoning...the wheels of my desk and sewing chairs will get stuck in the ruts of the grout lines and make for a bumpy ride, oh yeah I told you it would be funny! I need to make a drive out to an Ikea store and check out the latest innovations on display so I can get inspired.

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