Monday, January 02, 2012

Is it 2012 already?

I know, I know...I've turned into this horrible blogger who hardly ever posts anymore. Shame on me for not updating this blog! But since I've had to put all of my crafty endeavours on hold because of this move, not a whole lot of sewing or paper crafting is going on around here. My plans on having a crafting emporium in my basement are coming along.  I've got loads of cardboard boxes full of crafting goodies-but until I get the room finished I'm leaving it all in the boxes. Funny thing though, I will be setting up my sewing table and sewing machine amidst all of the cardboard, I love my ¾ size travel sewing machine but I've used it for 2½ years and frankly I've had enough of it! I want to using my regular sewing machine!

I have pictures- oh do I have pictures to share! We've painted a couple of rooms and wow what a difference a new coat of paint makes to brighten up a room! I've got furniture arriving this week and I'm hanging up pictures on the walls! I know, I'm behind the curve on getting things done around here but hey! We moved in on Halloween, had Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas and all that went on while I was unpacking! I'm still unpacking! So hang in there with me, I'm getting with the program and I'll keep you all up to speed I promise!

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