Tuesday, January 31, 2012

more thoughts for my new Scrapbook Nook

I made the decision that I want all of my paper crafting cabinets and drawer units to be "white". I like the white and chrome look as it gives me free rein to other aspects of the room. The sewing and quilting stations will be a warm wood. That way there will be an obvious separation of spaces and crafting components. At first I had wanted a tile floor, I know what I like but then the more I started thinking about the flooring the more I've decided to go with wood flooring. I just don't want to deal with the grout lines. You'll laugh at my reasoning...the wheels of my desk and sewing chairs will get stuck in the ruts of the grout lines and make for a bumpy ride, oh yeah I told you it would be funny! I need to make a drive out to an Ikea store and check out the latest innovations on display so I can get inspired.

quote of the day

Without friends no one would choose to live,
though he had all other goods.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My military life moments...

Moving every few years means always having to go through your "stuff"; weeding out what you no longer need, want or have a use for. Even though our last duty station was only a 2 year assignment, I swear that we has aquired at least 1500 pounds of "stuff"- if not more!

Yes I've been in this house almost 3 months now and I'm "still" unpacking boxes. Heck my entire Scrapbook Nook is still packed in cardboard packing boxes. I'm not even going there until my new and improved scrapbook nook is finished. I still have quite a few boxes in which I have not opened from our South Dakota storage delivery. There's no way I'm going to open that can of worms any time soon! Not until I can properly go through it all, sort out what I want to keep and what I'm going to donate.  
It's funny how I go through things and purge until I feel as if can't purge any more. Then we move into a new place and I suddenly feel compelled to purge some more. I swear I've turned mental with all of this purging! So here I am today, looking at the cardboard boxes in my basement and giving a HUGE sigh as I shrug my shoulders and walk to where I have cake plates stored and I put yet another one on the shelf -that makes 14 in total (most were gifts). The sad thing is, that number doesn't reflect the ones that are a part of my china and dinnerware patterns. It's an illness, it really must be! Why oh why can I not just say, "Thank you for the lovely cake plate but really I have so many already, wouldn't you like to keep it for yourself?" Maybe if I'm lucky there will be some Charity Event in the very near future where I can make some scrumptious desserts and donate some of these cake plates along with it! Oh I can only hope! I know I've got a problem when I look at the latest cake plate and say..oooh I really like this one!
Now to go back to getting this place sorted and put together. We're having friends and neighbors over this weekend to celebrate our moving into the last house we'll ever buy!

quote of the day

I really do believe I can accomplish a great deal
with a big grin,
I know some people find that disconcerting,
 but that doesn't matter.
Beverly Sills (1929 - )

Friday, January 13, 2012

quote of the day

Poverty cannot deprive us of many consolations. It cannot rob us of the affection we have for each other, or degrade us in our own opinion, of in that of any person, whose opinion we ought to value.
Ann Radcliffe (1764 - 1823), The Mysteries of Udolpho, 1764

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's safe to say that I feel rather inspired today. I have a basic planned outlined and now to fill in the blanks and make it happen. I have to give credit to my husband as a large part of my inspiration stems from him having taken me to a really nice craft store over the weekend. This crafting store puts on events and  does outreach events to local communities not to mention that it's also hiring. I have applied for the job. I figure that will all of my experience in hosting military spouse functions, co-managing the base thrift shop and and hosting crafting groups that I'm well suited for a job with their company. We shall see what they think. Now for me to get things organized for me to create my latest crafty endeavor :-)

quote of the day

Talent hits a target no one else can hit;
Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Getting involved locally

I am who I am- creative, dedicated, hard working and so much more. So here I am this afternoon having just come back from my first meeting with a new to me social group in my little neck of the woods. It was fun. Am I the youngest woman in this group? Probably. But this is my first big group social interaction with civilian spouses- that right there is a HUGE change for me. They do a lot of community service work and fund raisers for college scholarships. There's some smaller committees for various sub groups- looks to be like it could be a lot of fun. So I joined!

I'm also getting myself back into being creative. I've got projects that I want to finish, heck I've got projects that I want to start. But until I start on new projects I want to finish up a few little things here and there around the house. First off is getting the rest of the Christmas decorations wrapped up and put away-ugh! It's down to a few little things that need to go into boxes but it's just dragging on. That's why I'm getting rid of at least half of our Christmas ornaments. I plan on boxing up the kids special to them ornaments and labeling each box with thier name on it and giving to to them for their first Christmas away from home. Well with our son being in college and all , well that does pose a small problem. So maybe I'll wait until he's married.

I bought a couple of new counted cross stitching projects- cute stuff abounds here at my house! Well I've got to wait for the one of the charts to arrive in the mail but it's gonna be adorable once it's finished! I'm all about instant gratification and this dish towel project will fit the bill! The other is a two toned counted cross stitching project that is a little more intricate but will look nice framed and hanging on a wall.

Time for me to change from this dress and high heels to clothing more appropriate to schlepping around cardboard boxes to the recycle bin and then working some more in the basement getting Christmas decorations stored away fro another 11 months.

quote of the day

A creative genius cannot be trained.
There are no schools for creativeness.
A genius is precisely a man who defies all
schools and rules, who deviates from the
traditional roads of routine and opens up new
paths through land inaccessible before.
A genius is always a teacher, never a
pupil; he is always self-made.
-- Ludwig von Mises

Monday, January 02, 2012

Is it 2012 already?

I know, I know...I've turned into this horrible blogger who hardly ever posts anymore. Shame on me for not updating this blog! But since I've had to put all of my crafty endeavours on hold because of this move, not a whole lot of sewing or paper crafting is going on around here. My plans on having a crafting emporium in my basement are coming along.  I've got loads of cardboard boxes full of crafting goodies-but until I get the room finished I'm leaving it all in the boxes. Funny thing though, I will be setting up my sewing table and sewing machine amidst all of the cardboard, I love my ¾ size travel sewing machine but I've used it for 2½ years and frankly I've had enough of it! I want to using my regular sewing machine!

I have pictures- oh do I have pictures to share! We've painted a couple of rooms and wow what a difference a new coat of paint makes to brighten up a room! I've got furniture arriving this week and I'm hanging up pictures on the walls! I know, I'm behind the curve on getting things done around here but hey! We moved in on Halloween, had Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas and all that went on while I was unpacking! I'm still unpacking! So hang in there with me, I'm getting with the program and I'll keep you all up to speed I promise!

quote of the day

It is not because things are difficult
that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.