Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Alone but not lonely

With school officially underway for our daughter here in England, our son away attending University in South Dakota and my husband at work I find myself all alone for the very first time in weeks. I might be alone but I am not lonely, not by a long shot!

I think of my Dad and the things that he coffee (the hotter the better was his motto), his love of nature, chocolate cake and of course ice cream! That man was crazy about ice cream! I know which flowers were his favorites and we will be planting them in my next flower garden. I plan on getting a plaque made honoring my parents and their love for one another. I'll have it in my garden at my next house.

Today will be filled with me doing fun stuff like running errands, going to the post office to ship some packages, and of course a stop by the dry cleaners to pick up those trousers I dropped off a week ago (ooops- meant to get them sooner).

I'm to meet a girlfriend here at my house later so I can measure her for a custom apron that I'm making for her. It's not only custom in color and design but in size. I'll have pictures of it once it's finished. So far I've made some subtle but must needed changes to the pattern adding the D rings was a must to make the neckline adjustable. I added length to the ties as I felt that they were rather short. Now I will adjust the size of the apron it's self to better fit my friend. Stay tuned to see what I've made for her in her favorite color!

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