Friday, September 24, 2010

It's the little things...

As I was going through some Rubbermaid bins looking for my seasonal valances , yes I change out the valances in my formal dining room for the season/holiday- you all knew that right? Anyway, I came across a handful quilting kits and patterns that I had tucked away for a rainy day. All of my new found treasures came from the last Quilt Fair that I attended in Rapid City, the one that was right before our move here to England.

MY oh my are these things ever cute! There's a couple of kits for making little tote bags for crayons, (my 5 year old nephew needs one of these for Christmas) there's a quilt kit that my Hannah HAD to have! I remember how badly Hannah wanted me to buy this quilt kit, she was wanting it in a major way! I usually don't buy quilt kits as I prefer to put my own spin on the fabrics used to make a quilt but this one was special and have a lot of very unique fabrics in it -not to mention that the price included the fancy backing fabric and binding! And look, here it is a year later and I've still not made it- shame on me!

I showed the quilt kit to Hannah last night and we both agreed, this is my next project! Okay as soon as I clean up my mess from my last quilting session :-D

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