Friday, September 17, 2010

Color- bringing the outdoors in

I love living where there are 4 separate and distinct seasons. Where you can feel the temperature change, and see the effects of the season upon the plants and trees. You know when Autumn is on it's way, it's when it starts to feel a little brisk in the evenings but not cold.

Moving time has always been in the Autumn for us, it was when my husband and I got to decorate our first place together. I love the bright colors of Spring and Summer and the cool crispness of Winter colors but Autumn holds a very special place in my heart. The richness of color from the fall foliage, and the warmth that it brings to a room is amazing! I'm looking at quilt patterns and all of the new rich Autumn hues the fabrics are now available. I saw a quilt pattern for an Acorn wall hanging- I am drawn to this thing like a moth to a flame! I think that I better order before I regret not getting it for myself!

One of my favorite pictures of my of children is of them in these beautiful hand-knitted sweaters (made by my mother-in-law) sitting in a pile of just raked leaves in my parents from yard. This of course is before I went digital and I will have to look through my thousands of filed negatives to find it so I can blow it up to a larger size so I can hang it on the wall of my next house. I did make a layout with this photo- I should dig it up and post it here.

One of my other favorites is a series of close up photos of the rich hues in the leaves while still on the trees. I took the pictures in 1990 while we lived in Maine- it was my first Autumn and winter up there and the seasons were nothing less than spectacular! And yes I also have these photo's in a layout.

* note to self- go through scrapbooks and locate these layouts and post them here to my blog.

You better start taking pictures now of the changing colors of the leaves on the trees- the colors can change so quickly! Hurry before the leaves start falling off!

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