Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspired and Rejuvenated

For my neighbors- I'm not a recluse, really I'm not! I've just been keeping busy that's all!

My trip to to the various quilt shops in my little neck of the woods in California left me inspired and rejuvenated. Granted the trip it's self was for not so good reasons BUT my little escapes to the various quilt shops around the area renewed my passion for quilting and sewing. It's been almost non-stop sewing for me since coming back. First it was the valances for the made over guest room and sewing corner.

Next it was this table runner (the Christmas one). I actually made a mistake with this BUT fixed it and no one is the wiser- well until now. What happened? It's one of these twisty turning pattern things where someone thinks they're being smart and giving you a newfangled way to make something simple and I ended up cutting the wrong part apart- so now I have TWO holiday table runners instead of one very wide runner...oh well! I added a border and it's just fine! One for me and one to give away as a gift! My mistake is someone elses surprise gift!
This is the table runner that I finished sewing up yesterday (still need to quilt it though). The harvest fruits table runner will look great on my Thanksgiving table.
Here is my tribute to Autumn- this is something I out together today- it's along the line of a stacked coin design. I figure that I need to start making a dent in my stash of fabrics. The fabric I used as my anchor piece was left over from a pair of valances that I made a while ago. I'm going to change out the valances in my formal dining room and put my Autumn leaves valances up.

This is the Wild Chickens quilt top that I finished the other day. I laughed every time I looked at it. What a crack up! The backing fabric for this lap quilt looks like chicken wire- I'm looking forward to finishing it up soon.

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