Sunday, October 17, 2010

1 day

Why is it that men seem to wait until the last minute before a trip or a social event to do clothes shopping? They knew weeks in advance of such occasion yet they put off doing the one thing that they should do fist- buy clothes for themselves! Myself, I've been packed for more than a week! My husband? Well he's got some toiletries put together in a white plastic bag hanging on a door knob (yes I'm being slightly sarcastic).

Yesterday I went out with my spouse to get him a new blazer and a couple pairs of trousers- oh yeah that was fun (insert eye roll here). Women generally come out of the store HAPPY when carrying a bag of nice clothes for themselves. Men on the other hand, well they come out just as grumpy as they went into the store even with a bag full of nice clothes- do you know why that is? It's because they had to pay full price that's why! They knew well in advance that they needed to add something fresh to their wardrobes but never shop until the last minute. They don't look for sales or anything, and they think that the stores will always carry their size (time to wake up guys).

As I was sitting on a stool waiting for my husband to come out of the dressing room, I was sitting next to a lady who had me smiling from ear to ear. I must have been looking bored out of my mind when she leans over to me and says with this smirk and a sarcastic tone only another women can understand "I've completely lost the will to live". She was referring to having to wait for her husband in the dressing room trying on trousers. Throw in that charming British accent and I almost lost it! It was too darn funny! She said to me that she's rather shop for clothes with her teen aged daughter than suffer through this. I looked at her and I said "I couldn't agree more". Meanwhile another gentleman comes out of the dressing room, walks over to his wife and says "do these trousers make my bum look fat?" Can you see the irony in this? My thought was -we've tortured you for years with making you come clothes shopping with us and now it's your turn and you get back at us for those years of torture in just one afternoon...nice!

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