Saturday, October 02, 2010

common sense or nonsense?

I hope that my story will make you laugh, when I discovered this I was beside myself first with disgust then laughter.

I enjoy internet shopping, who doesn't these days right? I like to look around at various websites to see what great pottery deals/finds are out there waiting to be discovered. But never in my life did I ever expect to be grossed out and laughing myself silly at the same time. I won't put the website on here because to point out stupidity to the masses is just plain mean (and it could hurt their business and I wouldn't want that) but I will tell you what I found...I found a Chamber Pot listed and being sold as a Soup Tureen! I almost spewed tea at my computer monitor! I had a good hard laugh at the thought of some silly person not knowing the difference between a chamber pot and a soup tureen buying this thing and serving soup out of it at a dinner party!

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