Monday, October 04, 2010

I LOVE October!

For the past 20 years, October has been our moving month... until this assignment. Now October has a new designation, it's now travel month for us! Going to school here in England has opened up new opportunities in vacationing. These school breaks are great times to get away for a trip to wheresoever your heart desires. There's a school break coming up this month and our daughter is going on the big school trip to...the USA. Sure we wish that the school was taking the kids to France or Poland somewhere other than the USA (only for our daughters sake). In the end, she's very happy to be going on the big trip with others from school even if she is the only American student going on the trip. She's going to see so many great places and have sooo much fun doing it too!

So what are we to do while our children are away? Hannah's on holiday with her classmates in the USA, Andrew is stateside attending University. What's this, Parents left home unsupervised? Oh say it isn't so, LOL! We've got our trip booked and paid for! For me, this will be the trip of a lifetime as I have wanted to go to Egypt for at least 30 years. I'm gathering things that we'll need on this trip- sunscreen, bug spray, summer clothes, sandals, hats etc. Oh to go somewhere warm during this time of year- woohoo! Now I have been reading up on some stuff and it seems that traveling to Egypt is much like when one travels to Mexico or Jamaica...don't drink the water! Okay you can but only if it comes bottled and is factory sealed! Now that's something that Hannah and the other kids from school won't have to contend with, LOL!!!

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