Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Busy Military Spouse Syndrome

Being the ever so busy wife and mother that I am, I do tend to neglect myself from time to time. This time being that I have hurt my wrist and it hurts A LOT!
I hurt my wrist last week, and to be honest with all what I had going on, I never really had time to attend to it. It hurts to touch it or move it.I've been bullied by my daughter all weekend long to make an appointment to have it checked out. So today I do have an appointment to have it attended to and I will let you know what's up with it after my appointment this afternoon.

Yup this is what you get with Busy Military Spouse Syndrome-it's self neglect. You don't take time out for yourself and you end up 'squeezing in" a doctor appointment only because after a week and the pain is getting more intense you're afraid it might be a broken bone. I did this a couple of years May 2008 (check out the blog postings on my foot surgery) with my foot- ended up being a MAJOR thing wrong and having to have surgery to repair the damage. So everyone, please keep me in your prayers that the doctor can assess what it wrong with my wrist and that I get the proper medical treatment needed for swift healing.

A side note- I'm just wondering what a broken wrist feels like because if this is what it is...well can I get some better pain medication please? Because Motrin is simply NOT cutting it!

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