Saturday, July 10, 2010

The diagnosis is...

Yes friends, it's broken! I'm glad that I have a removable splint versus a non-removable cast. As least this way I can get through airport security and not worry about getting a full body scan or a body pat down/frisk search, LOL! Now because I am an adult, the Doctor trusts me to keep this on (silly man). What's the alternative of not keeping it on while it heals? Oh I already know that one- it's extreme pain! It's amazing how wearing this for a couple of days has already helped to reduce the amount of pain I've been suffering from- now that's just plain weird! But then again I can't bend or twist my wrist and forearm what so ever so there it is. Which bone are you thinking is broken? It's the long skinny one on the under side of your forearm, the Ulna. So it's not a broken wrist it's a broken forearm-ugh! How on earth did I do that? That's the weird question that I can't seem to pin point really. I have a broken bone in my left arm and I don't know how on earth it happened!

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