Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy Catfish- am I ever busy this week!

Just another week of go go go and go faster for yours truly. Some days it's just non-stop stuff and others it's not "as busy". I'm not trying to ignore my blog it's just that my time and days are so divided that I start something but can never get around to finishing it.

I plan on bringing my camera to RIAT and taking pictures. Apparently there will be some people there that we know from the bomber world- hopefully I'll have time to say hello -alas, my day is already preplanned for me (courtesy of the USAF protocol office).

It's been drizzling off and on for a couple of days now. I wish that we could have a good ole heavy downpour with thunder and lightening like we used to have in Texas and South Dakota, believe it or not but I miss that kind of weather.

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