Friday, August 20, 2010

Home is where your heart is

I've been back in the UK for 24 hours, have had 3 naps and now am starting my day only to find that my husband and daughter didn't think to get the coffee addicted me any fresh half and half (insert some laughter here). The half and half in the fridge expired back on July tempting as that night be, I think that I'll pass on that, LOL! Thank goodness for my "in case of emergencies" powdered Coffee Mate!

There's no rest for me, just like when I arrived here a little over a year ago there are places to go and events to attend. I start off with a trip to London's theater district to see "The Lion King". I bought these tickets back in May when I first heard about the ITT office getting tickets for that show. The Lion King was the first ever movie that we took our son Andrew to see (he was 2 at the time) and it's only fitting that it be the first Theater Production that we take our Daughter Hannah to go see. I hope this inspires her to develop a life long love of theater as our son LOVES going to the cinema!

Now for me to pick out my dress and to get ready for our outing tonight (it picks us up in a couple of hours) as our ticket price also includes transportation :-D

My parents are doing well. Granted the heat out there in Northern California is normal for this time of year, but it was wiping me out! My poor mom was being frozen daily with me opening ALL of the windows of the house early in the morning when it was cool and a delicious 60º. The having the air conditioning blast in the rental car and down to 75º in the house. I hung out at the local library because they had the best a/c (yes, it was cooler there than at the local Starbucks plus there was always an open seat for me at the library which was not always true at Starbucks.

It feels strange that I was gone for 3 weeks- so much has happened out here. I have new neighbors and now all of the houses are filled on our street and just in our entire neighborhood for that matter! School starts soon for our daughter and now sooner am I home then my husband is scheduled for a stateside TDy. Life is back to "normal" here for me :-)

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