Monday, August 23, 2010

more on the guest room transformation

So no plan is a simple as you first think, or maybe it is and that it's just that it's not that way for me.

♥The more I looked at the windows the more I want to layer the look. Now for me to find spring tension rods for the sheers (I thought that I had some hanging out around here somewhere). OOh just thought of where they could be, I'll be right back- Yup got them! Now to get the wrinkles out of those sheers; they are white Swiss Dot sheers that I used once upon a time in our daughter's bedroom. These are perfect for the look I'm trying to achieve! Now for the top layer, The blue check was getting to be a little much to look at, it needed something more...a top valance. So taking that in mind I started pulling together ideas of past window treatments that I've made- a couple of these ideas bounced around in my head and it wasn't until I looked at an Americana themed pillow case that I had made where my true inspiration came from. Now I've got my idea, my inspiration now to see is I have the fabric.

Quilters always have a fabric stash, but will I have enough yardage to be able to make the design idea that been brewing my head since 2 am? I went through my fabric stash and my questions have been answered and it s a big YES! Now for me to set up my ironing board, grab a can or 2 of spray sizing, my rotary cutter, cutting mat, quiting ruler and to get to work! Okay so first I need more coffee, probably should get out of my jammies and get dressed or people might think that I've the creative eccentric type.

You've no idea how exciting this is for me- to have these ideas once again flowing through my little gray cells and into my hands!

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