Sunday, August 29, 2010

My latest observations

Some days I feel like Erma Bombeck- seeing things how they really are and able to write about them in a manner which makes people laugh at the obvious. I loved her writing style and her witty sense of humor just makes you smile. Was her wit based on sarcasm? To a certain degree sure, but it was focused on the obvious.

As many of us with children are looking at this time of year as "back to school" there are those of us (myself included) that are saying "finally, a break from the kids- woo hoo!". I've always wondered why so many mothers are sad at seeing their children grow up and start that new part of their lives, in their gaining their independence we get ours back! Me? I'm doing the happy dance! I've got one off in a state side University and one here at home- perfect!

No more hen pecking my eldest to clean up his pigsty- it's clean, smells fresh and is loaded with beautiful fabrics and all kids of creative things! I've taken time to turn our son's old room into our new guest room/sewing room. I've chosen an Americana theme and I hope that the guests don't get too cosy because I plan on sewing even with guest staying here-HA!

Seriously though, I know so many mothers that make their kids old room into some sort of shrine once they leave the house (my own old bedroom at my parents house is pretty much just that). Do you really want them back? I don't think so! It's YOUR space, turn it into something that YOU can use! Get rid of that crap that your teen had on the walls, paint the walls, ring up your kids and give them the opportunity to take the stuff with then that they want and just donate the rest to a charity shop (or simply toss the rubbish into a wheelie bin). Granted with our son living in America and us living here in England, well his stuff just gets boxed up and put into storage until we move state side ourselves in a few months. But seriously- empower yourself! Take over that empty space and make it over into a room that you'll be proud to show off to your friends! I'll let our son stay in that room for his holiday break but only after he signs an agreement not to make it a pigsty while he is here "visiting".

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