Monday, August 02, 2010

just things....

The worst part of this trip is the fact that it was/is one that I made as an emergency. I'm appreciate the time I get to spend with my mother, the brief moments that we share that aren't filled with sadness are a true blessing.
Things that I don't miss about living in California...the heat, the crowds of people everywhere, did I mention the heat? Yesterday it was 105...way too hot for me! I love love love the huge variety of fresh produce out here along with just having a selection of things I'm used to buying.

My Dad is hanging in there. Hospice called today and is giving him medication to make him more comfortable. Every time the phone rings my Mom and I jump. We don't know if this will the "the call", it's not a pleasant feeling to say the least.

I try to get my Mom out of the house but this damn heat is making us both pretty darn misserable. Went to a fabric store today- we were both in fabric heaven. I feel a renewal in my desire to quilt and sew, so does my Mom. I think that I'll make tea cozy from some groovey new fabric when I get back home.

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Sheilagh said...

Praying for your dad, you and your mom xx