Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things are looking up

My Dad is hanging in there- he's one tough Marine! Granted he will never be 100% but the antibiotics are really doing their thing and his lungs are healing. My Mom is in better spirits which is also a good thing. I feel good leaving my parents on an upnote. So here i am, hnging out at the Sacramento International Airport waiting for my flight to Denver then on to London.
I miss my husband and daughter and yes I also miss my son but that's another story all together. I look forward to the cooler temperatures of England, the 100 degree weather here was jut a bit too much for me. There' nothing like a 40 degree temperature hike and n 8 hour time change to really throw your body out of whack. I am coming back with a tan- I'm living proof that it IS possible to get a tan just from geting in and out of the car!

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