Monday, November 29, 2010

Is it December yet?

November is going by in a flash! Now to get on with business at hand...

My Elves workshop is now open! I've got about a dozen sewing projects to complete, more mini cheesecakes to make than you can shake a stick at and let's get to thinking about that Christmas newsletter that I have to write (ugh). As if I'm not busy enough, lets throw in a DV visit to our base, the cookie drive (we now have 60 airmen to make cookies for), a dorm dinner, a hearts apart dinner, a spouses club event (I'm making a soup for it- can you guess what kind?), an orthodontic appointment, maintenance coming to fix a few things, a handful of Christmas parties to attend AND our son arriving back in the UK with his girlfriend. Needless to say December keeps me quite busy! That's all of the extra stuff I have going on- I still need to keep the daily stuff I do around this place. All I can say is Coffee don't fail me now!

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