Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My "to do" list

To Do Lists- we all have them. But the trick is to get the tasks listed on them completed in a timely manner. Some of my tasks need to be done today and others by the end of the week and some are simply on going things I do on a daily basis.
Here's my list for today/this week...
change sheets/make beds (2) DONE
tidy up daughters bedroom DONE
quick wipe down of bathrooms (2 up and 1 down) DONE
assemble Christmas tree -DONE
laundry-wash/dry/fold/put away- In Progress
condition leather sofa
vacuum stairs
vacuum downstairs- DONE
vacuum upstairs rooms DONE
tailor daughters new skirt-DONE
curb wheelie bin DONE
decorate Christmas Tree- DONE
write Christmas newsletter In Progress
start planning pottery shopping trip to Stoke-on-Trent In Progress
mend straps on daughters camisole- DONE
work on kindle covers (these are Christmas presents) IN PROGRESS
draw up plan for new tote bag design (gift for daughter) In Progress
wax eyebrows- DONE
remove gray from hair
remind friends that I only have 3 months left here in the UK-DONE
look through winter clothes- donate unwanted items- In Progress
schedule mammogram
write snail mail letter to those girlfriends who refuse to use e-mail-DONE
make a grocery shopping list-In Progress
mop hardwood floors-DONE

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