Saturday, November 27, 2010

Me vs. the turkey

Some turkeys take longer to defrost than others...mine happened to take 6 days and there were still ice crystals in it's cavity this morning! It's not as if this was a huge turkey, actually I bought the smallest one they had at just a little under 12 pounds. Well now my turkey weighs less because I took a meat cleaver to him and took out his spine and cracked the ribcage and made it lie flat.

Since our daughter had school all week, we decided to celebrate our family Thanksgiving today. This is the only time we've delayed having a Thanksgiving meal in our home. But it's guaranteed to be a good meal!

Now for me to get on and to start baking my mini cheesecake desserts (I'm giving those out at Christmas and need to get a start on them as I need to make more than 40 of them!

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