Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Hunting is not for wimps

Oh my word, the houses we have seen! I don't think that I'm expecting the world BUT I do have standards! From ghastly peeling wall paper (from the 1970's) and stained carpeting to hideous bathrooms (don't people scrub toilets any more?) and the humongous over grown shrubs in the garden that look as if they've never been trimmed (the word "jungle" comes to mind) to down right nasty smelling homes! We've been going to Open House events off and on since we arrived here in MA and let me tell you we've seen it all! From one end of the spectrum to another and one thing they all seem to have in common is that no one seems to clean their house or do any sort of yard work in preparation of showcasing their home to potential buyers.  Seriously I've seen maybe 2 houses that had some sort of curb appeal but once we got on the front porch we get to see the spider webs and unswept porches. What happened to "pride of ownership"?

 "Disenchanted" Is the word I'd use to describe our Sunday of driving around going to various Open House events. What is it when the realtor can't even be there on time to open the doors? Twice we were at an open house before the realtor even got there...a full 15 to 20 minutes! Yards not mowed, front porches not swept, air conditioning units not running. No prep work done in anticipation of this open house. Not a single one of the Realtors we met were very professional. And what kind of realtor wear shorts and t-shirt? Seriously? I was dressed better than any realtor we met that day.

So the house hunting continues....

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