Friday, July 08, 2011

In the matter of 1 week...

I was writing to a girlfriend yesterday (a real snail mail letter no less) on the subject of "how many things can change in the matter one merely 1 week".

You see, it all started when I received a phone call from the mammogram department of Lahey Clinic requesting me to come in for a 2nd mammogram and they wanted to schedule me for as soon as possible. You see, they found something in my left breast and I had to have yet another series of mammograms of that breast. After a few initial pictures I had to sit and wait until they were read. I waited and waited and then was called back for more "pictures". Then I met with the doctor and well now I'm scheduled for a biopsy for next week. Here's a little tidbit for you- one needs to stop taking multivitamins at least a week before any surgery. Yup it's true!

I'm not freaking out with this revalation that I may or may not have breast cancer. It's just something to deal with as the times comes. I'm going to continue to live my life and do the things I've got planned. I'm not about to sit around and worry about things that I have no control over. Hence my plans for leaving the day after my biopsy for Florida. Yes with a bandage on on my left breast and an ice bag in my hand,I still plan on our taking a trip to Florida. Gutsy huh? Now who in their right mind wants to wait around for a week to get a phone call with the results of their biopsy? Well not me that's for sure! Why not be somewhere having some fun?

Now for more news...

My husband had a successful interview with a company. He's also got a call back for another interview for Tuesday. Sooooo, it looks like we might not be leaving on Tuesday for Florida. I can leave a little later if it means him getting a job :-)

The lovely couple who have rented our house in South Dakota these past couple of years let us know they they will be receiving orders this fall. That means...we get to put our house on the market. I'm excited about that! For some it would be stressful having someone else living in their house while a Realtor is trying to sell it. Not me, I truly like our renters and I adore our realtor.

While our Hannah was fretting over her grades on the report card from her US school that she attended for a handful of months- well it arrived yesterday. All A's of course! That's our girl, setting the grade curve! Her worry was for nothing. Although she was sure that one of her teachers didn't like being a teacher and was wondering if anyone in the class would receive a decent grade for all of their hard work.

Our washing machine crapped out...while a load of clothes were in it. Perfect eh? At least it was on the rinse cycle. Now the real fun begins...the apartment management had it replaced with another one 24 hours later. Now for me to let them know that this replacement isn't working properly. The tub doesn't fill all the way on the rinse cycle. We looked up on line the reviews on it and every one of the people who put in a review complained about the machine and how it "ate up or tore up" clothes. Hello, I've spent a pretty penny on our clothing and am in no hurry to have it all ruined by a cheap machine. Now to get the replacement machine replaced with hopefully one of the same quality as before.

Needless to say my life can get rather hectic in just the matter of a week.

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