Friday, July 29, 2011

My oh so boring life...

Once upon a time I was a vibrant social butterfly kind of person that always seemed to have loads of things going on. Now that "we've" retired from the Air Force I can say that my social life has taken a serious nose dive. Of course I still keep in touch with many friends through snail mail, e-mail and on-line social networks.

I've thrown myself into reading. Once upon a time I was an avid reader- more so than now because I didn't have the distractions that I have now. I find it so easy to tuck that Kindle into my purse when ever we go out (you can never tell when you might need it). Just the other day while at the Museum of Science in Boston I found myself mighty glad that I had brought it along with me "just in case".  It's so much easier than bringing a book in ones purse (and lighter too).

Needlework- still working on that same damned kit with the sheep. I regain interest than lose it again-ugh! Same goes for my quilting. Don't get me wrong I love working with my hands but the confines of the small bedroom that's also some sort of storage room makes me feel crowded. Not to mention the fact that I'm really missing my other Janome sewing machine. My little ¾ sized sewing machine is fine for piecing stuff together BUT it really isn't all that great when I want to do actual "quilting".

Scrapbooking and card making- well that's one where I tossed the baby out with the bath water. Thinking that this was only going to be a handful of months I said sure put it ALL into storage (since I knew we would not have room here for any of it). Little did I imagine that I would be without any paper crafting supplies for this long.

This whole ordeal is giving me flash backs to when we first moved to England all over again.  The temporary house thing with only a handful of our belongings with us while everything else is neatly tucked away in storage somewhere. Meanwhile my creative life is once again put on hold. I want so much to be sketching and designing and making things with my hands. I find myself working in conditions that make me want to scream. No I'm not working in a sweat shop, this is actually a very nice apartment complex.  The screaming part is that I want to sketch/design and make things for our home...the only thing that's missing from all of this. We live in an apartment, this is not what I would ever consider to be "long term" in any way shape of form. I want to plant flowers in  flower beds in our yard, I want to go for long walks in the neighborhood meeting new neighbors. I want to have friends over for dinner and drink wine out on the deck.  Alas I'm here living in an apartment where the rent costs as much as a mortgage on a $550K house (no joke). 

I find myself sincerely wishing for something to happen.

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