Friday, July 22, 2011

Things are back to normal...

Well, for the most part anyway. The temperatures are up in the 100 degree range here in MA and right now it's feeling as if I'm living on the face of the sun.

Our trip to Florida was a bust as far as sunshine was concerned.  It rained just about the entire time we were there; even on our trip to the beach in Destin. I think that the sun was out for about a total of 6 hours while we were there and then it was seriously too humid for anything that had a beating heart to be outside.

However, I did manage to read 5 books on my Kindle on this is good. Yup it's summer time and I'm spending some serious quality time with that Kindle of mine! (thank you honey for the best Christmas present ever). I'm finishing up some UFO's from my Counted Cross Stitching collection and I've even hand sewed on the binding for a baby quilt. Not too shabby I dare say!

As I was reading up on some posts from friends who've moved to England this summer I find myself a little envious that they have set up their scrapbooking spaces. You see, since we're still looking at houses ET all, I've got ALL of my stamping and scrapbooking things in storage. Heck 98% of my quilting, needlework and cooking items are in storage as well (not to mention all of that terrific British pottery I bought while living in England). Ugh! All I can do it to enjoy what I have and get to know the workings of many great authors while I wait.

 Now back to avoiding the heat of the day by having a nice glass of iced tea.

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