Friday, September 30, 2011

Liking where you live...

As you know, I'm moving. It's a great little place kind of in the country per-say. There were lots of things I liked especially the 'home town' feel the place has about it. Well you could only imagine my surprise in finding out that one of my all time favorite TV show hosts Nate Berkus along with Oprah Winfrey had built a home for a woman who has lost her limbs to a horrible flesh eating bacteria. It doesn't surprise me that they would do such a kind and wonderful thing such as that as they are very compassionate and philanthropic people. The big surprise for me was that this happened in the town to which we are buying a home. To read about the community and how so many people pulled together for this family fills me with so much pride and joy I can hardly contain myself. To know that we are moving to a town that does reach out into the community and pull together is wonderful beyond words. I look forward to being able to volunteer in my new hometown, to be a part of something good and wonderful. So here's a link for you to read

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