Friday, September 16, 2011

My version of Pemberley

Here it is...our forever home. We take possession of it next month. Each one of our homes has a name, there was the little house  on the Air Force base in South Dakota I dubbed "the cottage" or as my friend Donna called it "The Rose Cottage" because of the roses out front and the rose colored dining room. There's the house we bought in Virginia I named "Green Gables", the temporary house in England I called "Beehive Cottage" because of the nest of bees living in the walls (I was very glad to move away from that house). The commanders house I names "The Big House"...yes at times it felt like I was in prison while living in that house all because I had to constantly wait for maintenance people to fix things in that house. So THIS house I want to name after a home in one of my all time FAVORTIE novels. I can't see calling it Longbourn but I do see calling it Pemberley. I know that it's not a big mansion but it's full of everything I've ever dreamed of having in house. So with it being my "dream house" per it the name "Pemberley" is quite perfect for me!

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M said...

Looking at it, I think the name "Pemberly" suits it. It doesn't have to be a big mansion, the name still suits it. :)

I'm not entirely sure what I'd call my house. "Casa Perro" would probably be most appropriate but I'll likely end up settling for a number. In fact, I think I'll end up compromising on quite a few things. What I'd really like is for my house to stand on its own little bit of land, the way that a lot of houses in Canada and America do but I'm crying for the moon there. The house valuation on any property like that would be well out of my reach.

On another note, the best "property" name I ever saw was on a beachhut. I think that the owner must have been a Star Wars fan, as they called it "Jabba the Hut". I thought that was quite clever. :)